Monday, 21 March 2011

WFMU playlist and News!!!!!!

WFMU has been playing some of our stuff recently, these are some links:

Coprophagic Substratum:

Sesso Violento:

Ctlhulhu Youth:

There is a 12" by "Sesso Vilento" coming out on Prison Tatt Records in America very soon!!!

New "Coprophagic Substratum" cassette release

Coprophagic Substratum - A Libidinal Hypothesis

Delving into heavy layered textures of spastic cadence and sometimes sustained harshness, this is the first cassette release by the brazilian/italian duo CS (on subsubtropics records). They bring into play free improvisational strategies whilst engaging with diverse sound sources ranging from large self-made drilling machines to microscopic singing bowls, the most hazardous kitchen utensils to the occasional analog synthesizer and the manipulation of, believe it or not, invisible feedback... All tracks were recorded live in a grotto in the surroundings of the New River in north London. The culmination of it all amounts to an uncontaminated but feverish discharge of libidinal sonic matter.

buy it now:

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

"Cthulhu Youth" release!

We are pleased to blazon Cthulhu Youth's first anti-cosmic  eponymous cassette release on subsubtropics!!!

you can dig some of it:

and buy it here:

Limited edition of 50!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Coprophagic Substratum's Laconical Entanglement subsumes into its lo-fi sonic milieu the drastic performative outbursts of dissonance, free-formness and ugliness and through that it strives to reconcile the sound-material into a somewhat cogent structure.

Free MP3 release

Link Below:

Thursday, 5 August 2010

First SST release!

SubSubTropic's first release is a 2 track 3" CDr split between Lastro Marquette and The Rotten Dentures; Lastro ventures into equatorially charged terrain by means of reworking of a classic bossa-nova tune from Joao Gilberto; the outcome brings to mind an imaginable futuristic scenario where coolness and angular noisiness might co-exist in unison. Rotten's soiled bipartite undertaking disseminates into both atmospherical stasis and meta-instructive nausiness.        

3" CDr Edition of 10;

but hey, (free) link below...